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Troop 506 Path to Eagle

Congratulations on achieving your Life rank!

When you are ready to start work on your Eagle rank, please review the two main steps needed to get to that Eagle Board of Review:

  1. Complete your Eagle Scout Service Project and associated workbook
  2. Submit your Eagle Application and request an Eagle Board of Review

Eagle Scout Service Project

Glad you are thinking about your Eagle Project!

This section is designed to help you understand the steps you need to take to get the necessary signatures you need on the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook BEFORE you start work on your Eagle Project.

  1. Read the Eagle Scout Service Project related information provided on the council’s website the Eagle Trail.
  2. Download and read through the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook
  3. Select a beneficiary and work out at least a framework with the beneficiary on what the project will look like.
  4. Find your Eagle Service Project Counselor (see details on how to find the list of counselors on the Eagle Trail website referenced above) and start discussions with them on your project.
  5. Discuss the idea with your Scoutmaster to make sure they would be open to approving this project.
  6. Find a Subject Matter Expert, one of the members of the Eagle Advisory Board, to help you with technical details of your project, if you need help. For example, if you are painting parking lot lines, find an advisor who has experience painting parking lot lines
  7. Obtain signature from your beneficiary on the project workbook.
  8. Discuss the details of the project, put together a presentation, and obtain verbal approval from your Scoutmaster.
    1. Your Scoutmaster may have their own expectations prior to signing off on your project.
    2. You will likely need to meet with your Scoutmaster over multiple iterations
    3. Review your parent presentation with your Scoutmaster and obtain their approval
  9. Discuss and present your project to the Committee Chair.
    1. This would be the presentation that you plan on using to present to the troop parents at a monthly parent meeting.
    2. This may take a couple of iterations.
    3. As stated above, the presentation needs to have been reviewed and approved by the Scoutmaster
    4. Also email the project work to the Committee Chair
  10. Present your project at a monthly parent meeting
  11. Obtain signatures from the Scoutmaster, Committee Chair and Eagle Service Project Counselor.  Some Counselors would like all other signatures to be obtained prior to signing off.

Eagle Application

After you’ve completed you Eagle Project ( Congratulations! ) there are a few more steps to finishing your Eagle Scout application.

  1. Read the Eagle Application related information provided on the council’s website the Eagle Trail.
  2. Determine the adults you will ask to provide you references and list them on the application.
    1. Presumably you have already reached out to these adults and they have agreed to write you that reference.
    2. Also, presumably, you are certain they will write you a good reference letter.  In fact, you may want to just ask them that exact question.  “Are you able and willing to write me a good reference letter?”
  3. Fill in all the advancement related dates on the application.
    1.  Our troop uses our own system to track advancement (i.e. TroopMaster) and that advancement information is supposed to transfer digitally into the official BSA Council system called Scoutbook.  However, the transfer has been known to glitch resulting in missing information in Scoutbook.
    2. Your Eagle Board will verify your information against Scoutbook ONLY!
    3. Therefore, you must actually go to Scoutbook to verify all the information we have on TroopMaster (and/or your personal records) is reflected accurately on Scoutbook.
    4. If you find any discrepancies in Scoutbook versus Troopmaster (and/or versus your own personal records), please notify the Advancement Chair as soon as possible as it can take some time to make corrections.

How to check your advancement record on TroopMaster

  1. You may need a parent to log in, if you do not have your own account.
  2. Once you log in, go to Reports -> Advancement -> Individual History 
  1. Select your name and hit the green “Generate Report” button on the top right.

How to check your advancement record on Scoutbook

Assuming you are logging in as a parent:

  1. Access Scoutbook via
  2. Click on your Scout’s name
  3. Click on Reports (near the bottom of the page)
  4. Choose a Report: Individual Advancement Record
  5. Select your Scout and click on the Generate Report button.
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