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2022 Activities

This year Troops 506B and 506G offer activities from service projects to high-adventure in destinations from Catalina Island to Oregon and from Joshua Tree to New Mexico!

Activities are restricted to either 506B only, 506G only, or are jointly held by 506B & 506G. Some activities are also open to family participation. Scouts should contact their patrol leader for more information about specific activities.

Troop 506 activities are supervised by adult leadership who are troop parents trained and certified in Scouts BSA safety and youth protection. Activities are also conducted in accordance with Troop 506’s COVID-19 guidelines, which align with current health guidelines from local, state and federal health officials; the Scouts BSA San Diego-Imperial Council; and La Jolla United Methodist Church.


  • 506B&G Death Valley Bike Trip
  • 506B Leadership Skills Training (ILST)
  • 506B&G Service Project Pack 246 Bridging
  • 506B&G Service Project Soup Kitchen


  • 506B Mt San Jacinto Snow Hike
  • 506G Belmont Park
  • 506B&G Service Project Scout Sunday
  • 506B&G Colorado River Canoe Trip
  • 506G Three Sisters Day Hike
  • 506B&G CPR/AED Training


  • 506B&G Trailbuilding
  • 506B&G Go Karting K1 Speed
  • 506B&G Camporee
  • 506B&G First Aid Training
  • 506B Snow Camping
  • 506B&G Big Bear Ski Trip


  • 506B Anza Borrego Camping
  • 506G COPE Mataguay Scout Ranch
  • 506B&G Court of Honor
  • 506B&G Beach Cleanup
  • 506B&G Leadership Skills Training (ILST)
  • 506B Backpack Training


  • 506G Backpack Training
  • 506B Mt Palomar Camping
  • 506B&G BSA Swim Check
  • 506B&G 5 Peaks Backpacking San Bernardino
  • 506B&G 9 Peaks Backpacking San Bernardino
  • 506B&G Service Project Fort Rosecrans


  • 506G Dock Fishing Tournament
  • 506B Channel Islands
  • 506G Water Skiing
  • 506G Kern River White Water Rafting
  • 506B Water Hole Day Hike


  • 506G Escape Room
  • 506B Big Bear & Arrowhead Fish Camp
  • 506B Philmont Scout Ranch New Mexico
  • 506B&G Sierra Trek
  • 506B Archery


  • 506B&G Camp Meriwether Oregon Summer Camp
  • 506B Golf/Driving Range
  • 506B&G Court of Honor
  • 506G Spa Day


  • 506B&G Indoor Rock Climbing
  • 506B&G Surf Camp
  • 506B Day Hike
  • 506B&G Service Project


  • 506B Sailing
  • 506B&G Camp El Prado
  • 506B&G Backpack Training
  • 506B&G Canoe Training Fiesta Island
  • 506B&G Canoeing Merit Badge Fiesta Island


  • 506B&G Leadership Skills Training (ILST)
  • 506B&G CPR/AED Training
  • 506B&G Joshua Tree Camping
  • 506B&G First Aid Training
  • 506B&G Service Project Rachel’s Women’s Center


  • 506B Wilderness Survival Merit Badge
  • 506B&G La Jolla Christmas Parade
  • 506B&G Holiday Court of Honor
  • 506B&G Salty Rat Canoeing Mission Bay
  • 506B&G Salty Rat Camping Fiesta Island
  • 506B&G Catalina Island Backpacking
  • 506B&G Service Project San Diego Food Bank
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