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Surf Camp

One of the most enjoyable trips in my Scouting journey is Surf Camp. Surf Camp is an event only offered by Troop 506. We get to hang out with all of our friends in the sun all day long. It is a very leisurely experience that was designed to create a break for Scouts, somewhere Scouts could enjoy the environment and natural wonder around us, the coastline.

Although this trip is made easy for the Scouts, we still get many chances to get sign-offs and learn many new skills. Every year there is a new experience and even more enjoyment. It is so unique that this year a journalist from Scout Life Magazine visited us to write an article about our adventures. This made the Surf Camp experience even more satisfying. 

There are many different activities to choose from including surfing, boogie boarding, swimming, and more. We also do many different activities on land such as friendship bracelets and hanging out at the campsite. The Surfrider Award is also offered and led by Mr. Catanzaro. This is a very special award, and there are not too many chances to get it. Surf Camp is a wonderful opportunity to earn this awesome award.

This was the first Scout trip that I went on when I joined the troop two years ago. I have made so many new friends at Surf Camp. This is also an event that a lot of alumni come to. This trip is perfect for a relaxing break. I personally love this trip and hope to go on it many more times in my Scouting journey.

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