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Join the Adventure!

Over 100 Eagle Scouts have earned their rank with Troop 506 La Jolla.

For over a half century, Troop 506 has welcomed youth ages 11-17 to join the Scouts BSA program. Today, we have over 70 local boys and girls actively on their paths to eagle!

Troop 506 is a linked troop with Troop 506B for boys and Troop 506G for girls. Our scouts use the patrol method to build character, leadership, citizenship and personal fitness through community service and high adventure outdoor activities.

New scouts are always welcome and no experience is required. Please contact us for more information. Your adventure awaits!

High Altitude Overview

Troop 506 Scouts

Troops 506B and 506G meet separately on a weekly basis at La Jolla United Methodist Church. The troops are organized into smaller groups or patrols, which also hold meetings as school, sports and extracurricular schedules permit.

In addition to attending their respective troop and patrol meetings, scouts plan and lead year-round activities. Most activities are restricted to either 506B or 506G, but some are joint activities open to both troops and a few are open to parent and sibling participation.

All Troop 506B and 506G meetings and activities are supervised by adult leadership of troop parents who are trained and certified in Scouts BSA safety and youth protection. Check out our combined list of 506B and 506G 2022 activities!

As a rule, Troops 506B and 506G do not miss school for scouting activities. We plan around all local public and private school calendars and accommodate youth sports and other extracurricular schedules as needed.

Troop 506 Parents

Parents of Troops 506B and 506G meet together monthly at the same location as the scouts. We are a dedicated group, providing a safe environment in all respects and volunteering the time and energy needed to facilitate a high adventure troop.

In addition to attending parent meetings, we ask of each other to help coordinate two scout activities per year – but just like for our new scouts, no experience is needed and we have great mentors to help! We also take turns in various administrative roles on our parent committee.

Official Scouts BSA Website

For more detailed information about scouting, be sure to also visit the official Scouts BSA website.

Media Inquiries

Troop 506 provides year-round positive community content. If you’d like to share our good news, please reach out using our contact form. We look forward to connecting with you!

Our Latest Adventures

Surf Camp
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Surf Camp

One of the most enjoyable trips in my Scouting journey is Surf Camp. Surf Camp is an event only offered by Troop 506. We get to hang out with all of our friends in the sun all day long. It is a very leisurely experience that was designed to create a break for Scouts, somewhere […]

Super Lazy Rat
All Troop 506 News

Super Lazy Rat

The girls troop went on a camping trip in Yuma, Arizona, with the purpose of doing what was essentially a lazy river trip. Monica Winters, an ASM, organized this trip after organizing white water rafting at Kern River for a few years now. It ended up being 3 hour float trip with numerous little adventures […]

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